Jailbreak suspect Felix Trujillo appears in court

Escape and kidnapping charges added to his case

DENVER - The jailbreak suspect who allegedly walked out of Denver's Downtown Detention Center with the help of a deputy and while wearing Sheriff's Department clothing appeared in court Thursday.

Judge Claudia Jordan advised Felix Trujillo of the two new charges against him, an escape charge and a kidnapping charge. Those are in addition to the aggravated robbery charges that landed him in jail in the first place.

A deputy who worked at the jail, Matthew Andrews, allegedly assisted in Trujillo's escape.

"Trujillo was observed standing next to Deputy Andrews wearing a Denver Sheriff's baseball hat and winter jacket," the affidavit for Trujillo's arrest said. "They boarded the elevator together and then were observed exiting the DDC onto W. 14th Ave."

The document goes on to say the deputy drove Trujillo to the area of 84th Avenue and Washington Street, where Trujillo got into another car and left.

According to the affidavit for Andrews' arrest, he returned to the Downtown Detention Center and later revealed what he had done to coworkers. He told them he had been threatened and had no choice.

"Andrews revealed to coworkers that he had been threatened and that there was a 'contract' on him and his family and that in order to remain unharmed he needed to help," the document said.

A separate affidavit revealed, "Deputy Andrews returned to the DDC where he was found crying and then told a fellow Deputy what had occurred."

It said the deputy "reported that he had recently received a phone call from an unknown party informing him..." of the "contract" on his life and the lives of his family.

Another arrest document 7NEWS obtained details the allegations against Marilyn Reeves, who is accused of renting a hotel room for Trujillo and allowing him to use her car to go to breakfast one morning. It says she knew he was a wanted fugitive but "helped him because Felix is her son's best friend."

Reeves also told police she bought Trujillo clothing and he "took her cell phone."

Trujillo turned himself in Wednesday, after three days on the run.

He is now being held in the Arapahoe County Justice Center. 7NEWS requested an interview with Trujillo, but he declined.

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