Hash oil production suspected in Denver duplex explosion; 3 arrested for arson charges

DENVER - Chemicals and paraphernalia found after an explosion lead investigators to suspect the production of hash oil is to blame.

Denver Fire officials say Sunday's fire at 2992 Julian St., which remains under investigation. Department spokesman Mark Watson says three adult men were arrested and booked on charges of fourth-degree arson.

It is suspected that the three were using butane fuel to make hash oil, a high potency extract of marijuana, when the explosion occurred.

One person suffered minor burns and was treated on scene. Damage to the duplex was not significant, but windows were blown out.

There have been several explosions caused by people trying to make hash oil in Colorado and around the country. Denver's fire department is starting to track such marijuana-related fires since Jan. 1, when recreational sales of the drug became legal in Colorado.

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