Feds announce bust of two major drug trafficking organizations

DENVER - More than 300 federal, state and local law enforcement agents fanned out across Colorado Friday and arrested 28 people believed to be connected with two separate drug distribution rings.

The suspects are among 54 people indicted by a federal grand jury on drug, weapons and prostitution related charges.

“Make no mistake,” said U.S. Attorney John Walsh, “as a result of the raids that took place today, Colorado is a safer place. Gangs that traffic in drugs also traffic in violence, whether it’s through intimidation and fear, or the use of actual force.”

Walsh said the first organization indicted has strong ties to the Gangster Disciples, a street gang that originated in Chicago.  He said the second organization, the Gonzalez-Cepeva/Quintero group, has direct ties to source of drugs in northern Mexico.

The organizations that were busted trafficked in cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.

“What we have here is essentially a full service drug operation,” Walsh said. “Almost any kind of drug that someone might desire, these organizations were in the practice of acquiring and selling.”

In addition to the arrests, agents and officers recovered two pounds of methamphetamine, about $40,000 in cash, and two firearms.  These seizures were in addition to evidence found during the earlier states of the investigation.

Overall, investigators have recovered 19,329 gross grams of meth, 614 gross grams of cocaine, 11 gross grams of heroin, 6.5 gross grams of Ecstasy, and 18,287 gross grams of marijuana.  In addition, 13 guns, two cars and $94,825 cash was recovered, not counting the items seized today.

Those arrested in connection with the Gangster Disciples Drug Trafficking Organization today include:
Francisco Aguilar, age 38, Denver
Shawn Beardsley, age 45, Aurora
Travis Edwards, age 52, Aurora
Dondrai Fisher, age 41, Aurora
Jesus Molina-Villarreal, age 45, Aurora
Archie Poole, age 37, Aurora
Francisco Ramirez, age 32, Aurora
Simeon Ramirez, age 40, Denver
Javier Segura-Cisneros, age 27, Aurora
Khari Smith, age 37, Aurora
Sidney Taylor, age 48, Denver
Christopher Vigil, age 27, Denver
Latoya Wimbush, age 29, Aurora
Melvin Turner, age 38, Aurora
Those indicted by not yet arrested include:
Christopher Martinez, age 33, Aurora
Luis Ramirez, age 25, Thornton
Gregory Williams, age 53, Arvada
Name Unknown, age and residence unknown
Those already in custody include:
Ricky Kamil Garrison, age 30
James Tillmon, age 30
Robert Painter, age 44
Those arrested in connection with the Gonzalez-Cepeva/Quintero Drug Trafficking Organization today include:
Jose Castaneda-Zamora, age 38, unknown
Noe Chavez-Gomez, age 20, unknown
Debbi Martinez, age 24, Denver
Rafael Quintero Gomez, age 21, unknown
Jesus Montelongo-Talavera, age 24, Westminster
Alberto Quintero, age 23, Aurora
Juan Manuel Quintero, age 22, unknown
Racquel Ramos-Sanchez, age 58, San Elizario, Texas
Alberto Roel, age 45, Edinburg, Texas
Robert Schaffer, age 65, Fort Collins
Mark Singer, age 41, Colby, Kansas
John Howard Smith, age 55, Denver
Jessica Trejo-Huerta, age 23, Mexico
Servando Gandara-Chavez, age 43, Denver
Those indicted by not yet arrested include:
Jose Oceguera-Ramirez, age unknown, Mexico
Tomas Gonzalez-Villalobos, age 43, Mexico
Ramona Haro-Iniquez, age 44, Denver
Marcus Marler, age 38, unknown
Juan Montelongo, age 25, Westminster
Sergio Salazar-Torres, age unknown, Mexico
Raul Ramirez-Munoz, age 42, Mexico
Hector Jesus Trejo-Huerta, age 27, Mexico
Those already in custody include:
Antonio Gonzalez-Cepeva, age 25
Elias Rafael Gonzalez-Cabrera, age 22
Jesus Quintero, Jr., age 26
Gabriel Sowell, age 38
William Brewer, age 58
Porfiria Alejandra Faias-Contreras, age 24
Maria Farias-Contreras, age 23
Jesus Quintero, Sr., age 46
Carol Hawley, age 45
Gina Salcido, age 42
David Hall, age 56
"Today's operations are yet another illustration of how these criminal organizations will not be allowed to operate with impunity in our communities," said Thomas P. Ravenelle, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Denver Division Field Office.
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