Family says Bieber Concert tickets never arrived for 13-year-old girl's birthday Rated F on BBB website

DENVER - Outside the Pepsi Center Monday night, a long line of Justin Bieber fans chanted his name, screamed hysterically and proclaimed their undying love.

But missing from the Bieber fever was the Gordon family, quietly talking to 7NEWS via web cam from their home in Rapid City, S.D.

“I love Justin Bieber,” said 13-year-old Molly Gordon, who received a Justin Bieber birthday cake last June along with four tickets for the Monday night concert.

“I cried when I got tickets to the concert for my birthday," the teen said. "I couldn’t believe I would have to wait for six months.  I dreamt of it every night for six months.”

Molly’s mother, Julie Gordon, said she bought four tickets through the website

“I was guaranteed to have them by Thursday, but we still hadn’t received anything,” said Julie Gordon.

The mother said the company then said it would FedEx the tickets by Saturday, but when the tickets still didn’t arrive, the company said they would be at will call.

“We’ve called the will call office at the Pepsi Center three times today, and they do not have our tickets,” said John Gordon, Molly’s father.

Tickets in Time has a long list of complaints about tickets not being on time on the Denver Better Business Bureau website, where the company has an F rating.

“That means they have a large volume of complaints,” said Hope Marie Sneed with the Denver Better Business Bureau. “They’ve received over 30 complaints in the last year, and we’ve gotten five complaints just this month and a new one today.”

John Gordon said he used a credit card, so he will dispute the $500 charge, but it’s not really about the money.

“It’s a cautionary tale for all families out there,” said Gordon.

“I dream about this concert for six months straight, and it all fell apart in one day” said Molly Gordon. “I can’t stop crying.”

Tickets in Time did not respond to a 7NEWS request for comment, but the Gordons said after 7NEWS sent an email, the company notified them that the tickets were available at will call just before the concert.

“They knew that was too late for us to make the drive,” said Julie Gordon. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Sneed said the story is an important reminder to buy directly from the source or only approved vendors.


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