Endangered Grevy's zebra foal born at Denver Zoo

DENVER - The Denver Zoo is welcoming the birth of an endangered, female Grevy's zebra.

A mother zebra, named Topaz, gave birth to the not-yet-name foal on Thursday night. The father is Punda.

There are three different species of zebra; plains or common zebra, mountain zebra and Grevy's zebra.

The Grevy's zebra is named for a onetime French president, Jules Grevy, to whom the first known specimen of the animal was sent in 1882. The largest of all wild equine species, Grevy's Zebras can be can be distinguished from other zebras by their longer legs, more narrow stripes, white, stripeless underbellies and large rounded ears.

 Grevy's zebras are endangered because of a loss of habitat, competition with livestock and poaching. They are now only found in dry deserts and open grasslands in northern Kenya and south eastern Ethiopia.

The arrival is Topaz's third foal.

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