Denver's pothole repair fleet works in full force Friday to take advantage of dry weather

DENVER - Denver's entire pothole repair fleet of ten trucks was out working Friday to take advantage of the dry weather.

"I can't say that it's dramatically different than past years, but certainly anytime you're adding moisture to the streets, whether it's through ice and freeze and thaws or just moisture that traffic is working on, then yeah -- it's going to increase potholes," said Pat Kennedy, Engineering Supervisor for Denver Public Works.

Kennedy says Denver's pothole patching teams have to take advantage of days like Friday because repairing the potholes on dry days can increase the life span of the repair up to two years.

The city says the worst areas this year are on Broadway and Lincoln between 5th Avenue and Colfax Avenue, and on Alameda Avenue from University Boulevard to Cherry Creek Drive. All of those roadways are scheduled to be re-paved this year, which is why they are in such rough shape right now.

Denver says the fact that a pothole exists doesn't necessarily make the city negligent if it damages someone's car. However, the city could be liable if the pothole is reported but not fixed in a timely fashion.

"Generally, the ones that people call in are the ones that affect their commuter route," said Kennedy. "So we're going to get to those in a hurry."

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