Denver Police investigate rash of spare tire thefts

Thieves target Jeeps, Honda CRVs

Denver police report a dramatic increase in spare tire thefts all over the city, specifically targeting Jeeps and Honda CRVs with spare tires mounted on the back.
In October 2012, only three spares were reported stolen to Denver police. In February, 29 spares were reported stolen.
"They went to sleep and woke up the next day, and the tire was missing," said Paul Garcia, an employee at the Big O Tires on Colfax. "I've helped 15 customers in the last few months replace stolen spares."
Two weeks ago, 7NEWS reported on a similar trend in Centennial, where thieves have been targeting Dodge Ram pickups with the spares stored under the bed.
But in Denver, police statistics show the top targets are: Honda CRV, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler, all of which have rear-mounted spares.
Garcia's store has been selling more wheel locks lately, which cost $20-$40 -- a bargain, compared to potentially hundreds of dollars to replace another tire and rim.
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