Denver City Council approves salary increases for Mayor Hancock's cabinet

Nearly 50 percent of raises went to two positions

DENVER - Denver City Council Members' voted 11 to 1 to approve salary increases for nearly a dozen members of Mayor Michael Hancock's cabinet on Monday.

City Attorney Scott Martinez will receive a 34 percent raise to $190,000, adding $48,716 to his annual salary. Brad Buchanan, Manager of Community Planning and Development will receive a 27 percent raise to $170,000, adding $36,438 to his annual salary.

Nine other positions will receive a 6.7 percent raise.

The Mayor's Office said the 11 appointed charter officers are the only city positions not to receive a salary adjustment in more than 5 years.

Denver City Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz was the only council member to vote against the pay increase.

"I'm not going to begrudge them some raise, but what we ended up with was more than generous, and that's why I couldn't vote for it," Faatz explained.

In fact, 7NEWS Investigative Reporter Amanda Kost found that all but one of the positions involved already received an annual salary of more than $100,000.

Faatz said the initial proposal asked for a 6.7 percent salary increase across the board for all 11 positions. She said she decided not to support the raises after the plan was amended to include the sharp increases for Martinez and Buchanan.

"And then when I think everybody pretty much said okay for one reason or another I can go along with it, they pulled back and adjusted two of them enormously," Faatz added.

The Mayor's Office declined our request for an on-camera interview, but in a statement said the salary increases will allow Denver to stay competitive in the future. The salaries were chosen based on a pay survey of similar cities that was conducted by the Office of Human Resources. The increases amount to a total of $174,293. The Mayor's administration told us departments will absorb these costs as part of their 2014 budgets.

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