Crook impersonated an alarm company technician to get into two Denver homes and steal wallets

DENVER - A man pretended to be a security alarm company technician to get into two homes and steal wallets, Denver police say.

Police on Friday released a surveillance photo of the suspect, who appears to be a white man with short brown hair. They said that between the dates of March 2 and March 13 he used the ploy to get into homes in the neighborhood near 29th and Fillmore Street.

Previous information from police and 7NEWS reporting indicated there was also a second suspect involved in the impersonation scheme.


-- March 2 crime --

Jacqueline Williams lives in the 2800 block of Fillmore Street and told 7NEWS two men knocked on her door on March 2.

"From the impression I got, they were here on (my husband's) say," said Williams. "I said, 'Well, did my husband send you here?' 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.' I was just suckered in, I think."

She didn't know they were con men at the time, but she still called her husband to come home as one of the men went to her basement, while the other played with the security box on the wall.

"I said to myself, I'm not going down there and leaving him (upstairs) unattended," said Williams.

Her husband, Joe Williams, came home and immediately walked the two men out of the house. They told him that they discovered they couldn't repair the security box.

"We can't fix it anyway, so we'll be back on Monday," they told Joe Williams.

While they waited for alarm company employees to return, Jacqueline Williams discovered her wallet and ID were missing.

"I couldn't find it and I tore up this house left and right," said Jacqueline Williams.

On Wednesday, four days after the con men were inside her home, she got another knock on the door.

"He said, 'I found your wallet over there in Greenwood Village,'" said Jacqueline Williams. "It was out there on a park bench."

She found her debit card was taken and discovered the con men used the card at Target, King Soopers and Tokyo Joe's.

"About $300 or $400, or something like that," said Joe Williams.

The Williams' told 7NEWS that their bank has assured them the money will be replaced in their account.


-- March 12 crime --

On March 12, two men knocked on the door of an elderly woman in the 3100 block of Fillmore Street. They said they were at her home to check on her security alarm system. She has a security alarm company flag in her front yard.

The woman told 7NEWS that she didn't realize the men had stolen her wallet until the next day, when someone knocked on her door, saying they had just found the wallet.

The woman said that the two men took about $100 in cash.


-- The suspects --

According to police, Williams described the con men as white males, wearing black suits.

Suspect One:

- Mid-20s

- Approximately 5 foot 8 inches tall

- Slim build

Suspect Two:

- Mid-30s

- Approximately 6 feet tall

- Medium build

They were seen getting into a dark green car.

In the March 12 crime, they were seen leaving in a dark van.

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