Costumed fans take over Colorado Convention Center for 2014 Denver Comic Con

DENVER - Sometimes, masks can reveal your true identity.

It is an irony appreciated by the fans on the floor of the Colorado Convention Center during the first day of the 2014 Denver Comic Con. Those who might be considered eccentric in any other setting are, in that room, simply expressive.

Better yet, some are minor celebrities.

A line of people waited to pose for a photo with two members of the Mandalorian Mercs, a Star Wars costume club. The two said they only rarely get to wear the elaborate costumes that they worked a year to assemble.

"Law enforcement probably wouldn't appreciate us running around with guns," one of the mercs said, pointing to the prop Star Wars blaster on his hip.

The stars of shows and movies sit in their booths on the far side, charging for autographs or photos. One of the marquee stars, actor Edward James Olmos, was almost taunting fans by staying in his booth during his break and watching a World Cup match on his laptop while staff turned fans away until his next scheduled autograph session.

Meanwhile, cosplayers in the crowd stopped freely to pose and share the stories behind their costumes.

"I've, like, always enjoyed dressing up," said an attendee dressed as Black Cat, a character from The Amazing Spider Man. "For a long time it was considered nerdy and more people do it than don't do it nowadays. I think that is so fun."

Black Cat and her Spiderman companion struck a well-rehearsed pose from the pages of a comic book in the middle of a hall between the booths. In that setting, all of the double takes came from a feeling of amusement.

"It gives us the chance to bring back our childhood into our adulthood. I used to dress up as Spider Man and Batman when I was a little kid and now I get to do it as an adult and it is freaking sweet," Spiderman, who revealed his secret identity is Kyle Rockwell.

Another attendee revealed her super hero costume was actually an expression of her secret identity.

"I love Wonder Woman and so I wanted to wear something that was fun and flashy and also representative of samba, because I'm a samba dancer here in Colorado," she said.

One final thought from the author: Sorry to call you out earlier Commander Adama. I was just really disappointed to not be able to get your autograph during this assignment.

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