Colorado outdoor event organizers are enhancing security after explosions at the Boston Marathon

Organizers reviewing Homeland Security guidelines

DENVER - The organizers of outdoor events in Colorado are preparing to implement enhanced security during upcoming events including the Cherry Creek Sneak and Bolder Boulder.  

The director of the Bolder Boulder, Cliff Bosley, told 7NEWS that he planned a meeting with the Boulder Police incident commander this week in order to discuss security measures.

"Safety and security of participants is the most important thing," said Bosley.

Event organizers for the Cherry Creek Sneak will also continue to meet with Denver Police on a regular basis regarding event security.

7NEWS has learned that organizers preparing for upcoming races are reviewing guidelines from the Department of Homeland security. The 70 page document, called the Protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Outdoor Venues Industry, outlines vulnerabilities, terrorist objectives, threats and protective measures.

Pat Downing, race director for the Cherry Creek Sneak, told 7NEWS his organization will be working with Denver Police to adapt security at the event. When asked for specifics about what security might include, Downing said, "As an event director, I try to instill confidence in safety measures but keep our cards close to our chest."

The President & CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association World Headquarters, Steven Wood Schmader, sent a message to event organizers and industry professionals worldwide:

"I am sure that most of you have been following the tragic explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line today with a mix of shock, sadness and concern for how to prevent something similar from ever happening at your own events," Schmader said in the message. "Let me begin by expressing our sincere concern and sympathies for all those directly and indirectly impacted by these senseless acts."

In the message, Schmader also addressed the demands of adapting event security, "Unfortunately, we live in a new world where we must think differently, plan differently and take proactive steps to protect against all possibilities to the best of our abilities, in an attempt to ensure that the events that we produce are 'safe havens' for those attending."

Schmader encouraged event organizers to go over the Protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Outdoor Venues Industry.

"Re-familiarize yourself with the information and protective measures in that guide. The best steps that we can take against further tragedies include ensuring that we, and all those that we work with, are as educated and prepared as we can be. There will no doubt be new lessons learned in the coming weeks and we will do our best to provide both information and training opportunities to bring those to each of you,"  Schmader said in the message.

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