Colorado Grand Jury indicts 6 people for burglaries at Front Range homes, businesses over 18 months

DENVER - Six people accused of robberies and burglaries over the last year and a half were indicted by a Colorado Grand Jury Wednesday.

They face a collective total of 140 counts for crimes at businesses and homes in the Denver metro area, including one that involved driving a stolen car through the front of an Apple store in Colorado Springs. In that incident alone, the indictment said the suspects allegedly got away with $56,000 worth of merchandise.

All six of the defendants belong to a tagging crew known as "KTR," said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for Denver's District Attorney.

According to the indictment, "KTR" could mean "Kings that Reck," "Killing The Rest," Keeping Things Real," "Killing Time Regardless" and "Keep Them Racks."

Kimbrough said the defendants are accused of stealing hundreds of thousands in cash, marijuana products, weapons, alcohol, electronics and more with a total value of over $660,000. They also allegedly caused over $650,000 in damages.

They allegedly worked in teams of two or three and carried sledge hammers and pry bars. One teammate would stay outside as a lookout and getaway driver.

"While burglarizing dwellings, enterprise members would stake out a residential area during daylight hours. One member would knock on the front door of a residence while other members stayed in a nearby vehicle or vehicles," the indictment says. "If no one answered the door, one or more enterprise members would break through a rear door or window."

The indictment resulted from investigations involving the Denver District Attorney’s Office Economic Crime Unit with Littleton, Denver, Aurora and Colorado Springs Police Departments, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Five of the suspects are identified by Kimbrough as Matthew "Kish" Medlock, 19; Duy Hoang "Funk" Nguyen, 18; Quan Tam "Skuz" Nguyen 21; Tran Vu "Gunz" Thach, 23; Jamy "Regy" Cham, 19. The sixth suspect is not being identified because he or she is only 17-years-old.

The indictment shows that Regy, Funk and Skuz once tried to "physically break" the juvenile out of the Gilliam Detention Facility when it was not possible to bond him out. They tried and failed to cut through a metal grate to access the teen's room on April 21, 2013, the indictment says.

Businesses allegedly victimized by the group include Denver Mac Repair, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Apple Store, Family Affair, Zumiez, Rent-A-Center, Macy's, All City Hip Hop Shop, Game Stop, Lens Crafters, Ulta, Denver Public Schools, A World of Coins, Finish Line and Home Depot.

In the Home Depot incident on Marcy 17, 2013, Medlock allegedly sprayed a loss prevention officer with pepper spray. The employee was able to grab his ear buds, which were tested for DNA that matched Medlock.

In another case, a receipt bearing Duy Hoang Nguyen's name was found inside a stolen vehicle, along with two handguns. His DNA was also found on shattered glass inside a burglarized Finish Line store.

Some of the stolen products were discovered in a storage locker in Aurora and some were found in a suspect's home. Others were allegedly sold or traded.

All six suspects were arrested and remain in custody, Kimbrough said. Their court dates have not yet been set.

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