City of Denver promises to clean up trash illegally dumped on the property of a future park

Neighbors say refuse came from Englewood

DENVER - The City of Denver is promising to take action, assuring angry residents that a growing pile of trash illegally dumped in their neighborhood will be cleaned up.

A sign at the corner of West Alameda Avenue and South Osceola Street says the property was purchased with Great Outdoors Colorado proceeds from the Lottery. It isn't a park yet, but children already play there and neighbors are concerned about safety.

"We don't know what's in this trash," said Michelle Schoen, of the Westwood Residents Neighborhood Association. "We don't know if there are needles or if there is broken glass or if there is anything that would be hazardous to them."

Schoen says the trash pile has been growing for three weeks. Inside one of the trash bags, she says, they found a letter belonging to a man at an address on South Federal Boulevard in Englewood.

7NEWS went to that address and knocked on the front door.  No one answered.  The house was empty.

We called the number listed on a "For Rent" sign in the front yard.

The owner's daughter told 7NEWS that the tenant who lived in that house moved out three weeks ago leaving furniture and other belongings behind.

When asked if the tenant or the homeowner placed the refuse on the vacant lot in Denver, the daughter said, "My dad hired these people who came in and took everything."

She said the contractors were supposed to take care of the proper disposal.

It isn't clear how the bags of trash came to be dumped on the property of the future park. Either way, the pile is growing and neighbors are upset.

They say the refuse appears to be household trash.

"Which to me is a big concern because that means food, which draws animals, stray dogs, coyotes, skunks and our children play in this area," said Terry Meyer.

Both Code Enforcement and Parks Officials tell 7NEWS that only one complaint had been called in to 311.

City Councilman Paul Lopez said his office also notified parks officials about the problem.

Department spokesman Jeff Green told 7NEWS that a crew will be out to pick up the refuse Wednesday.

He said said construction on the park will begin in mid-September and that it will be finished by mid-April of next year.

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