Bizarre selfie case takes another turn as cops identify man but not how it got onto woman's phone

DENVER - In a bizarre twist, Denver Police say they have identified a man whose photo was found on a woman's phone but also determined that he did not break into her home to put it there.

Earlier this month, police announced they were searching for a man suspected of walking into a home, taking a picture of himself and leaving. Sgt. Matt Clark, of the Denver Police Department, now reports that several tipsters were able to identify the man in the photograph after it was published by local media.

"Based upon our contact with this individual and the subsequent investigation that was completed we were able to say with absolute certainty that the photograph that was transmitted to the victim’s cellular phone was not taken from within her residence and was not taken using her phone," Clark wrote on a department Facebook post.

Clark's post indicates that police did confirm the photo was taken months before the reported incident and that it was not taken in the woman's home. What they still do not know, however, is how the photo got onto the woman's phone.

"The District 4 Investigations Unit continues to attempt to determine how that image was transmitted to the victim’s cellular phone," Clark wrote.

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