171,694 passengers forecasted to pass through Denver International Airport Friday before Christmas

1,800 flights expected

DENVER - Denver International Airport is expecting Friday to be the busiest travel day before Christmas.

Before the day is over the airport expects to serve approximately 171,694 passengers. In context, the airport usually serves an average of around 145,000 travelers per day.

"We typically see about 1,600 flights a day -- we're the fifth busiest airport in the nation. But we're going to have about 1,800 flights today, so it's going to be very busy," said DIA spokeswoman Laura Coale.

Lines at the south security checkpoint grew noticeably as 7NEWS Reporter Tyler Lopez reported live during 7NEWS NOW Friday morning.

To keep things moving smoothly, DIA offers these suggestions to travelers:

- Do not wrap presents because TSA agents may need to open them for security screenings

- Check the smart signs on Pena Blvd. for information on parking lot capacity as you approach the airport

- Be inside the terminal two hours prior to departure time

- Check FlyDenver.com for flight status updates

Friday, Dec. 27, is also expected to be nearly as busy as this Friday as the travelers return from their holiday trips.

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