Youth soccer coach faces charges for videotaping naked girls; Joel White arrested in Commerce City

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. - A youth soccer coach from Missouri who was arrested in Commerce City for theft has now been charged with secretly videotaping 12-  and 13-year-old girls while they undressed.

Joel D. White, 41, of Lee's Summit, Mo., faces federal charges of attempted production of child pornography.

White was arrested in Commerce City in March while attending the World Cup qualifying game as a reporter. He was accused of using his inside access to the stadium to steal All Star jerseys and memorabilia, according to court documents.

When White was taken into custody, Commerce City police noticed that he had numerous cameras and digital memory cards. Detectives were concerned White might be trying to sell the stolen sports items on Craigslist, so they asked to look at the images on the cameras.

A Commerce City police detective said he saw videos of nude underage girls, according to the federal complaint.

Detectives said the videos show White hiding a camera in a bedroom and then leaving the room. In each case, girls between the age of 12 and 13 entered the room shortly thereafter and changed clothing.

The court documents said that at the end of each taping, White is seen reentering the room and retrieving camera, which was positioned at knee-level and angled upwards.

Authorities said none of the victims appeared to know they were being videotaped.

Police obtained a search warrant on April 22 and searched White’s home in Lee’s Summit.

Court documents said White admitted to police that he videotaped nude minors without their consent 10 to 15 times between May and October 2012.

He also admitted to touching a girl between the ages of 11 or 12 while she was asleep at his house, and videotaped himself doing so.

Parents of at least two of the alleged victims said their daughters were on White’s soccer team and had either been to his house or had traveled out-of-state  with him in the past.

White is a coach for a girls under-12 soccer team and a girls under-15 soccer team, according to the federal complaint.

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