Parent pulls child from daycare center in Brighton after failing to get answers about investigation

Human Services investigating Kiddie Academy

BRIGHTON, Colo. - When Elizabeth Bainbridge received a phone call early Tuesday from the owner of her daughter’s daycare center, she said the conversation was very casual, at first.

“Then she informed me that social services was investigating an alleged incident,” Bainbridge said. “I kind of freaked out.”

The Brighton mother told 7NEWS that she had to ask the owner of Kiddie Academy what the investigation was about several times before she was told that a complaint had been filed against a teacher.

“She wouldn’t tell me the nature of the charges,” Bainbridge said. “I don’t know if my child is a victim. I don’t know if the person has either hit my child or touched my child. I have no idea what’s going on.”

7NEWS contacted the owner of Kiddie Academy of Brighton. Cindy Vigesaa, the franchisee, emailed a statement which said, in part: “We are working in cooperation with Adams County Human Services regarding a customer complaint they received.  We take every customer’s concern seriously and hope to swiftly resolve the situation. Because of the nature of the situation, during this investigation, we are unable to share any additional details out of respect for the confidentiality of all parties involved.”

Adams County Human Services acknowledged the investigation, but provided no details.

Bainbridge said an investigator told her the process they go through involves talking to the children. 

“She told me that when they question the kids they have to take this doll out and ask them if they touched them in a certain place or whatever,” Bainbridge said. “She told me that was the regular protocol.”

“I don’t know what to think,” the mom said. “When your kids are going there, you trust that they’ll take care of them. I’m very nervous to know that Social Services is investigating anyone.

Bainbridge told 7NEWS that she contacted the owner of Kiddie Academy again late Thursday and was assured that the individual under investigation is not working at the daycare center for the time being.

Bainbridge said she was told the investigation could take more than a month.

“When you’re a parent dealing with daycare, that’s a very, very long time,” she said.

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