Wildlife officers watching a family of bears in Boulder trees

BOULDER, Colo. - Wildlife officers are keeping an eye on a mother bear and two cubs hiding in a tree in Boulder's University Hill neighborhood.

Boulder Police Dispatchers told 7NEWS they've received several calls reporting the bear sightings. Although police officers were not dispatched to the bear's hideout near 11th Street and Aurora Avenue, Wildlife officers were.

"This bear has been around town eating a lot of trash and teaching her young cubs that as well," wildlife officer Jennifer Churchill explained.

Churchill and the other Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers plan to wait for the 175-to-200-pound sow and two 40-pound cubs to come down on their own. If they do have to intervene, officers would have to euthanize the entire family because the sow has been tagged in the past.

"It's always a concern for us when bears are getting most of their meals out of the trash instead of natural food sources," she said.

Churchill also added that Boulder residents have recently been reporting an adult male bear raiding trash cans. She said that bear was previously relocated out of town, but returned for the easy meals.

This is the time of year that bears begin to stock up on calories before the winter.

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