Walmart Neighborhood Market wasn't identified in modification permits for Boulder building

BOULDER - Some Boulder residents say they feel deceived because Walmart's name wasn't on the modification permit for a building the chain is going to take over.

Walmart plans to turn a vacant building in Boulder's Diagonal Plaza into a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. Under Boulder's code, the company wasn't required to put its name on the permit.

"Boulder just has such a good small-town feel and I'm bummed," resident Brooke Cates told 7NEWS.

The city says there are important differences between other superstores stores that proposed opening in Boulder in the past, and the Neighborhood Market plans.

"It's an existing building, they're not changing the size. They're not changing the parking," said David Driskell, Boulder's executive director for community management and sustainability. "We don't, in those processes, ask who the tenant is. So there was nothing required that they identify the tenant. It's not triggering any kind of site review, it's a small-format store."

Still, some residents said they feel deceived because the company name wasn't on the proposal.

"[It] blows my mind that Boulder's letting that come in," Cates said.

"There's no way under our code for us to say 'no' to a particular tenant," Driskell said.

In fact, 7NEWS did speak to several residents who were in favor of the Neighborhood Market, but they declined to be interviewed Monday.

"People are going to vote with their feet, by going to the store or not going to the store," Driskell said.

In a statement, Walmart said they offer low prices, competitive wages and benefits. The negative response to their company, they say, is not rooted in truth.

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