University of Colorado quarterback and a CU former player appear in court on assault charges

Judge sets bond for both men

BOULDER, Colo. - A University of Colorado quarterback and a former CU football player appeared in court Monday on assault charges stemming from a fight on Saturday that injured an Air Force cadet.

Quarterback Jordan Webb, 21, was not taken out of the holding area in court Monday, while his attorney spoke on his behalf. Instead, Webb watched through the glass.

"I think that when the matter is fully investigated, it will be proven that Mr. Webb's role in this was non-criminal," defense attorney Lou Rubino said.

"Based on the limited reports I've read, there are witness accounts that say that Mr. Webb's participation was criminal," a prosecutor said.

Former Buff Alexander William Lewis, 21, was present into the courtroom while his attorney spoke. The results, however, were identical.

The judge decided that each man should be held on $10,000 secured bond or $1,000 cash bond. He also stipulated that they cannot have contact with the victim or witnesses, must submit to substance-abuse monitoring and be placed under pre-trail supervision.

The victim was identified in documents from the Boulder Police Department as 22-year-old Lee Granville Bussey, whose home address was listed as a PO Box at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

According to that paperwork, officers found Bussey leaning against a dumpster and being held upright by two female friends. Bussey was bleeding from his head and was acting in a way that officers described as "consistent with a head injury."

The two women friends told the police the fight began when one of the women was walking with Bussey in the 1200 block of College Ave. Bussey was reportedly trying to open a can of chew when they saw two drunk men approaching, identified as Lewis and Webb.

Bussey and Lewis bumped into each other and started to argue, the police report said.

The women told police Lewis pushed Bussey into a brick wall and that Webb had originally kept walking, but turned back came back when he saw the developing fight. Bussey tried to push the two football players off him, the women said, but Lewis pushed Bussey backwards several times with enough force to hit his head on the brick wall.

One of the women said Bussey told her to run away, which she did. When she returned after getting a friend to call police, she saw Bussey being pushed into a pay-to-park kiosk.

People in an SUV with tinted windows pulled up and a passenger told Lewis and Webb to get into the SUV. The passenger was identified in the documents as Chidera Uzo-Diribe, a CU defensive lineman.

The officer writing the arrest document described talking to Lewis after the arrest, but says he was "unable to speak with Webb because his behavior led to him being placed in a side holding cell."

Lewis said they had been bar-hopping in Denver to celebrate a friend's graduation and estimated he'd consumed six glasses of wine, 10 beers and six shots during that time. Lewis wasn't sure how much Webb had to drink, but said it was at least four glasses of wine.

According to the documents, Lewis said they took a taxi back to Boulder and were walking when someone bumped into him, which precipitated the verbal argument. Lewis said Bussey twice tried to throw a punch, but missed and was pushed away each time.

Lewis told the officers he didn't remember Webb pushing Bussey at all. Officers replied that wasn't consistent with what the witnesses had said.

The document says red stains that might have been blood were found on the shirts worn by both Webb and Lewis that night. Those shirts were taken as evidence.

Officers also noted that Bussey weighs 65 pounds less than Lewis and is seven inches shorter.

The Buffalo's new head football coach Mike MacIntyre released this statement Sunday morning:

"Jordan's exact involvement in this incident is still being investigated. We continually stress the importance of appropriate behavior to our players and do not tolerate any detrimental conduct in our football program. Once all of the facts come to light, if Jordan is found responsible for any misconduct, he will be disciplined according to team rules."

"As for Alex Lewis, as of Friday he was off of the team when he did a media interview and announced that he is transferring to Nebraska. Since he is no longer a Colorado Buffalo, it will be up to Nebraska to decide what discipline he might face."

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