Magpul says on Facebook it plans to leave Colorado if Governor signs magazine limits into law

'This is war,' Colorado gun group member says

BOULDER, Colo. - After Gov. John Hickenlooper's office announced his plans to sign a bill limiting the number of rounds in magazines, a Boulder company that manufactures high-capacity magazines announced plans to move to another state.

Hickenlooper’s spokesman Eric Brown told 7NEWS the governor will sign House Bill 1224 on Wednesday. It will limit magazines to a maximum 15 rounds.

Magpul Industries manufactures a line of 30-round magazines for the AR15, M4 and M16-style rifles. The company's website says it has sold millions of its "PMAGs" -- for polymer magazines -- to the military, law enforcement and commercial users.

After the announcement from the Governor's Office, Magpul wrote on their Facebook page that they plan to start making the PMAGs in another state within a month of the bill becoming law.

"We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first," the company posted.

The company's post said they expect to become a multi-state operation, but not all of their future locations have been approved.

The company's post didn't explain what would happen to their employees, and 7NEWS was unable to leave a voicemail because the mailbox was full. So far, our email to Magpul has not received a response.

This Facebook sentence was the only time employees were mentioned: "Although we are agile for a company of our size, it is still a significant footprint, and we will perform this move in a manner that is best for the company and our employees."

The company's post ended with a thought about the politics of House Bill 1224:

"It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West to control our legislature and Governor, but we feel confident that Colorado residents can still take the state back through recalls, ballot initiatives, and the 2014 election to undo these wrongs against responsible Citizens."

The legislation's sponsor, Democratic representative from Aurora Rhonda Fields, told 7NEWS that polls show a majority of Coloradans and Americans support sensible gun legislation.

7NEWS discovered that Hickenlooper's office received 1,800 calls today regarding gun legislation. That is the equivalent of one call every 18 seconds.

His Facebook page keeps getting updated with posts from residents asking him to veto the gun bills.

"I believe they've underestimated gun owners. We're not going away," said Dudley Brown of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. "This is war, and we're going to war with every politician who has supported this gun control, every one of them."
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners are encouraging people to call, email or post on the Governor's Facebook page.
"The only thing voters really have to pressure politicians is their vote and we're going to unveil, later this week, a program to do just that," said Brown. "This is going to cost the Democrats the legislature."
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