Injured Boulder ducklings euthanized; police close case after witness statement inconsistencies

BOULDER, Colo. - Boulder police have closed their investigation into the case of two ducklings that were injured May 1 and then euthanized on Monday.

Police on Tuesday cited inconsistency in witness statements and the possibility that geese, and not rock-throwing children, caused the injuries.

Animal rescue worker Jenny Bryant says the ducklings could not see and were unable to balance on their own following their rescue.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, state regulations require that any wild animals that cannot be rehabilitated to live on their own be euthanized. The state prohibits people from adopting them.

The two mallard ducklings -- who were about a week old -- were diagnosed with severe head trauma when they were taken to the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Longmont.

According to officials at Greenwood, the man who brought the injured ducklings to the rehabilitation center told them that he saw children throwing rocks at the ducks.

The Boulder Police Department’s Animal Control Unit investigated the case and interviewed the man, who told officers that he did not actually witness children throwing rocks at the ducklings, but saw kids in the area throwing rocks into the pond. He surmised that the children caused the injuries to the ducklings. 

However, the man also said that he did witness Canada geese pecking at the ducklings.

Based on those statements, the Animal Control Unit said it concluded that officers will not pursue a criminal investigation.

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