Boulder man arrested, accused of climbing two-story roof to spy on woman in shower, police say

Man arrested after roommate sees him jump off roof

BOULDER, Colo. - A 24-year-old Boulder man has been arrested after police say he admitted to climbing onto a second-story roof to spy on a young woman showering on Saturday night.

The incident began about 7:12 p.m. when police were called about a peeping Tom incident where a man was seen jumping off a roof and running down an alley in the University Hill neighborhood.

Several officers responded to a home in the 1000 block of 11th Street. They included two plainclothes officers, Sgt. Greg LeFebre and Officer Joel Burick, who were in an unmarked car.

LeFebre and Burick drove down an alley behind the victim's home and met a woman who said she had reported the peeping Tom.

The woman told the officers that she had just come home when another roommate reported that someone was on the roof.

The woman said she looked out a second-floor window and saw a man wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, jump from the roof and run toward the alley, according to a police report that redacted the names of the female witness and the victim, who share a home.

The witness said she then realized that her female roommate was showering in a second-floor bathroom with a window that faced the alley, the report said.

Police said the roommate who had been showering hadn't heard the commotion about someone climbing on the roof. She was visibly upset and shaking and had no idea a man had been up on the roof, staring at her through the window, a police report said.

The victim's roommate told police that she didn't see the man's face, because he had the sweatshirt hood pulled up to conceal his face, the report said.

The female witness agreed to get in the car with LeFebre and Burick as they drove around the neighborhood looking for the man.

 The officers said they soon spotted a man wearing a blue hoodie walking quickly west in the 900 block of Euclid Street.

The officers stopped the man, who they later identified at 24-year-old Rory Shane Reily.

Reily told the officers that he was walking from his home to Chipotle.

Officer Burick noted in his report that Reily was "breathing extremely hard. He was sweating and his hands were visibly shaking."

Burick asked why he was so nervous and Reily replied, "because you are the police," the report said.

The officers said they were looking for a man who'd been on a roof, spying on a woman taking a shower.

"It wasn't me, I'm coming from home," Reily initially told police.

Then Burick asked Reily to show him the bottom of his sneakers and the officer said he noticed the tread had an unusual pattern.

Burick pointed out the tread to LeFebre and said aloud, "That tread pattern is going to show up good in the snow," according to the report.

Burick wrote that Reily hung his head and said, "I just want to be honest with you. It was me."

"I was walking through the alley and saw a girl showering. I was intrigued, and climbed onto the roof for a better view," Reily said, according to the report.

Police said they suspect the man climbed onto a hand rail on a back porch and then pulled himself up onto the roof of the house.

Reily was booked into jail on investigation of criminal trespass, unlawful sexual contact and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification.

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