Boulder County $11 million short on budget for road and bridge repairs after September flooding

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. - Boulder County is short at least $11 million for road and bridge repairs needed after last September's flooding.

Last fall's floods damaged and destroyed county roads, bridges and culverts.

Transportation spokesperson Andrew Barth said they originally estimated it would cost $100 million or more to reconstruct and repair the flood-damaged portions of the county road network over the coming years. However, Barth said those earlier estimates are now too low and it is largely due to increasing costs.

"What we’re finding is the work is so pervasive up and down the corridor here in the front range that a lot of people are working," Barth said. "The supply is not there and the demand is super high."

So far, the county has repaired a total of 60 miles of haul roads and winter roads and three bridges. There are two other bridges under construction and designs are being done for five bridges and two retaining walls.

In a presentation to Boulder County Commissioners, the transportation department outlined another nine projects that have not been started, some slated to start as soon as June. Those repairs are slated to cost another $11 million.

"We’ve got lots of plans in the works for putting some temporary asphalt on a lot of sections, and then actually working towards a full design of permanent roadways right now."

The transportation department is asking the county to pay the bill now, but it expects FEMA and FHWA to reimburse the expenses. The department said it will also have to review the budget in August to see if more money will be needed at that point.

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