Boulder and Golden take precautions, monitor creeks after ice jam threatens Golden with flooding

BOULDER - The cities of Golden and Boulder are both keeping a close eye on their creeks following an ice jam and sudden release that threatened flooding in Golden Tuesday night.

An RV park and condo complex on the west side of Golden were evacuated briefly Tuesday over fears of flooding caused by an ice dam that broke near Idaho Springs. The flooding was minor, but the clogging caused by the ice did divert the creek to a new path where a trail used to be. The water now flows through open space on the Colorado School of Mines campus and under 6th Ave.

After seeing that, crews in Boulder are inspecting the river beds and closely monitoring conditions. They are trying to clear anything that could get in the way in the event of a freeze and thaw pattern like what occurred along Clear Creek Tuesday.

"We have woody debris we call trees, the branches," said Boulder Office of Emergency Management director Mike Chard.

"We don't know how these will behave, so everything's changed.  We have to be watching that closely, because we just don't know where things are going to cause additional flooding, how it's going impact the roads and most importantly, how it's going to threaten lives and property," said Chard.

It is a real threat as yet another cold snap lurks around the corner.

"It'll start to drop southward," 7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson said of a cold front he began monitoring earlier this week, "and that's going to head our way, starting to move into Colorado, in the latter part of next week."

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