Teenager Omar Ricardo Godinez convicted as an adult for gang rapes in Aurora

17-year old faces 26 years to life

AURORA - An Aurora teenager has been convicted as an adult of committing two gang rapes in the fall of 2011, when he was just 15 years old.

Jurors found Omar Ricardo Godinez, now 17, guilty of Second Degree Kidnapping, Sexual Assault and Conspiracy to commit Second Degree Kidnapping and Sexual Assault.

Prosecutors say both victims, a 33-year old mom and a 15-year old girl, were grabbed off the street one week apart.

“This is every woman’s worst nightmare,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney spokeswoman Lisa Pinto. “You’re out walking … you get grabbed, thrown into a ca r… taken to a house. They stick a gun in your face and tell you they’re going to kill you if you tell anyone what they did.  And they rape you -- four of them, one at a time.”

The first victim was walking to a store to get diapers for her baby on Oct. 30, 2011.  Prosecutors say Godinez and his cohorts grabbed her near South Salem Street and East Ford Avenue.  They forced her into car, covered her head and drove her to their home where they took turns raping her in the basement. Prosecutors believe that Godinez' older brother, Edgar Godinez-Solis, who was 29 at the time, was the ringleader.

The same thing happened to the second victim.  The 15-year old was on her way to visit a friend Nov. 6, 2011 when she was abducted in broad daylight on South Peoria Street and South Exposition. Prosecutors says she had headphones on and was talking on her cell phone when she was grabbed from behind and put into a car.

“This was monstrous behavior,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler. “My hat is off to the two victims for the courage they showed, not only to see this case through, but this is the second trial they had to come in and testify for.”

Jurors convicted Godinez’ brother last October on two separate counts of sexual assault. He's serving a 20 years to life sentence on one of the counts and 35 years to life on the other.  The younger Godinez could face a minimum of 26 years behind bars and a maximum of 232 years to life.

Brauchler said this case serves as a reminder, that those who believe that all juveniles should be treated lightly by our criminal justice system, are gravely mistaken.

“Some juvenile offenders are capable of heinous, cruel pre-meditated attacks like these,” Brauchler said.

Omar Godinez participated in the violent victimization of one woman out buying diapers for her toddler and a young girl on her way to meet a friend. Godinez converted both women into objects for his own selfish sexual gratification. Our community is safer with Omar Godinez locked up and gone from its streets for as long as the law permits.”

Pinto said the investigation was built with the cooperation of the victims, who identified the assailants and the car that was used in the abductions. The case also utilized DNA evidence that connected Godinez to the victims and linked one of the victims to the car used in her abduction.

Prosecutor Cara Morlan told 7NEWS that  this was an “incredibly difficult” case for Chief Deputy Cori Alcock and her to prosecute.

“Both women described graphically violent assaults on them,” Morlan said. “It’s hard to put a young girl on the stand and make her describe the most painful and intimate moment in her life.”

Morlan was grateful for the jurors verdict, calling it "justice" for both victims.

Prosecutors say they will work tirelessly to bring the other two unnamed suspects to justice.

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