14-year-old girl hit by car in Aurora, driven to 7-Eleven and dropped off by hit-and-run driver

14-year-old girl has minor injuries, police say

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora police are looking for the driver who hit a 14-year old girl who was walking across Colfax at Laredo early Thursday morning.

Investigators say the girl was in the crosswalk on her way to school at 6 a.m.

"She was walking north across Colfax and had the green light," said Ofc. Frank Fania of the Aurora Police Department. "The driver was southbound turning east onto Colfax when he hit her."

Fania said the girl was knocked to the ground.

"She told investigators the man stopped, got out of his car and asked her to get up," Fania said. "She tried and fell back down. At that point he physically grabbed her by the jacket, picked her up and put her into his car."

When asked if the driver may have had ulterior motives, Fania replied, "At this point it doesn't sound like anything other than a hit-and-run. She claims that he never assaulted her, never touched her and never threatened her."

In a bizarre twist, Fania said the man drove east on Colfax, made a U-turn, then drove west.  He said the man then made another U-turn, drove east again and pulled into the parking lot at the at the Colfax and Laredo 7-Eleven. 

Fania said the man got the girl out of the car then drove off.

"This is kind of unique," Fania said. "Because most hit-and-runs they take off right away.  They don't even stick around. So he showed some concern for the young lady. Then he left.  We need to find him to talk to him."

Police say they don't know if he driver originally intended to take the girl to a hospital.

"I don't think he mentioned anything about taking her to the hospital," Fania said. "It sound like he was panicking himself."

The girl suffered minor injuries. Fania described them as bruises and abrasions.

Paramedics took her to a hospital for observation.

Fania said the only description they have of the driver is that he is a tall, thin African-American male with short dreadlocks.

"We don't have an age on him," Fania said. "And the only description we have of the car is that it was a dark colored sedan.

Fania said the case was originally handled by traffic investigations but was  turned over to the department's Crimes Against Children unit  because they have the expertise to determine of she was victimized in any other way.

He said officers are working to get a copy of the video surveillance from the 7-Eleven.

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