School worker accidentally shot student in parking lot at Rangeview High School in Aurora

Gun fired as man tried to put it in glove box

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora police and Aurora Public Schools are investigating the accidental shooting of a student in the Rangeview High School parking lot by a campus monitor on Monday afternoon.

7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost reported the incident may not have broken any laws, but it may well have violated school district policies.

Kost learned the shooting involved a school monitor who has a second job as a security officer and is licensed to have a gun for that role.

The employee, who has not been identified, was going to give a student a ride home in his pickup about 4:30 p.m. The man was trying to store his handgun in the glove box when it fired, striking the student in the leg, police said.

The employee drove the student to a nearby hospital. The teen was rushed into surgery with what police described as a "significant injury" to his leg.

The student is expected to recover, School District Superintendent John Barry said.


--Stunned students react to shooting on campus--

Stunned students reacted Tuesday to news of the shooting on campus.

"That's the last place a gun should be at," Al'lyn Cook, a Rangeview senior, told 7NEWS.

Said senior Christian Pratte, "A security monitor at our school was giving a student a ride home and his gun accidentally went off."

"For students, as far as I know, if you're caught with any weapon, that's automatic expulsion," Pratte added.

Kost reviewed school district policies and found that possessing, handling or transmitting on district property any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon is listed as conduct that could result in  discipline, suspension and dismissal of classified employees.

The staff member has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

"It's unfortunate what happened, but accidents do happen and it would be nice to know exactly what happened and who in our school is carrying any sort of weapon," Pratte said.

Detectives have asked anyone who witnessed the incident or know anything else about it to contact Detective Dave Van Nostrand at 303-627-3246 or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

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