2 Aurora officers, bystanders lift a car off pinned mother and toddler

Police: Mom, 3 kids improperly crossed busy street

AURORA, Colo. - A mother toting a toddler across a busy Aurora street was struck by a car and pinned underneath it Monday night.

An off-duty police sergeant, an on-duty officer and several good Samaritans helped lift the white Kia Rio off the victims and the sergeant pulled them free, said Aurora Police Lt. Chuck DeShazer.

The collision happened about 6:25 p.m. as the family of four crossed three lanes of traffic at 14200 E. Exposition Ave., where there is no crosswalk or pedestrian signal, DeShazer said.

Sources tell 7NEWS that the mom, identified as Kipinga Muanza Kalala, 37, picked up her three children from a daycare center on the northside of Exposition and was walking to a Walmart on the south side of the street.

Muanza Kalala was clutching the toddler and was followed by her 4-year-old twin sons.

The man driving the Kia was traveling eastbound on Exposition at 30 mph -- less than the posted 35 mph speed limit. But he didn't see the family in time to stop, DeShazer said.  

DeShazer said the off-duty sergeant, who was working security at a nearby Walmart, and several bystanders jumped in to help. An on-duty officer soon joined them.

"It was horrific, said Jeff Simpson, one of the bystanders. "The woman was under the car with her baby."

"I figured if we didn't get the car off them immediately, there would be some breathing issues and I didn't know if they'd survive," said Sgt. Matt Brukbacher.

Brukbacher said he asked bystanders to help and several stepped forward, including Simpson.

"Everybody was like 'Oh my God,'" Simpson said. "We counted to three and we just got the car right up off her."

The good Samaritan said the car wasn't that heavy.

"It was light, because of the adrenaline," Simpson said.

Simpson's stepdaughter, Nashelle Gibson told 7NEWS that another bystander asked her to hold the toddler.

"I took off my hoodie and covered her with it," Gibson said, "so she wouldn't be cold."

Gibson said the toddler, Angela Muanza Kalala, didn't cry despite suffering a deep cut on her head.

DeShazer said Kipinga Muanza Kalala suffered a serious head injury, cuts, bruises and broken bones.

One of the twin boys had a bump on his head. The other wasn't hurt.

The mother was taken to Aurora Medical Center South, while the toddler was taken to Children's Hospital, DeShazer said. The twin boys were also taken to Children's as a precaution.

DeShazer said the driver immediately stopped and helped. The driver won't be charged, DeShazer added.

While the woman improperly took her children across the street, DeShazer said she will not be cited because she's "suffered enough."

The good Samaritans left as quickly as they arrived.

"We've got great people who live here and work in the city of Aurora," DeShazer said. "These guys are so selfless that once the scene was secure, they left the scene and did not leave their names…. I talked to two of the officers involved and they couldn’t even tell me how many helped them, because it was so chaotic."

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