Thief sabotages lights, steals copper wiring from 11 light poles at Calvary Chapel in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. - "It's just a bummer!"

That's how Assistant Pastor Aaron Lorkovic described the damage to 11 light poles in the parking lot at Calvary Chapel in Aurora.

He said a thief or thieves drove on to church property at 18900 E. Hampden Avenue, removed the covers from the electrical boxes on each light pole and then cut and removed the copper wiring.

"It's pretty sad that people would come to a church to steal," Lorkovic said. "We've got kids here, and we've got services coming up.  Hopefully we can get the lights up by Saturday.  We have services Saturday night and we don't want our parishioners coming out in a dark parking lot."

Lorkovic said a repair crew was called immediately to replace the wiring in five of the light poles.  But six others still need to be repaired.

He estimated the total cost will be near $3,000.

Aurora Police say they believe it happened sometime after 10:30 p.m. on June 4. At that time, the surveillance camera system was not working and police do not have any description of the suspect or suspects.

"We hope they get caught," Lorkovic said. "But, we also want them to know that we love them and we do care for them.  We really want them to know the love of Jesus, even in the midst of all this."

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