Hundreds of packets of 'Spice' found in storage units rented by Dowinder Boparai, affidavit says

AURORA, Colo. - Over a thousand packets of synthetic marijuana, known as "spice," were found in storage lockers allegedly rented by a suspect accused of selling the illegal drug.

An affidavit for the arrest of Dowinder Boparai, 54, indicates he was arrested on March 19 for selling 720 packets of spice with the brand label "Funky Monkey." The next morning, investigators with search warrants opened two storage units Boparai rented along South Reservoir Road. The document says another 1,266 packets of spice were found with various brand labels inside one of those lockers.

The packets found were labeled with the brand names "Diablo," "Bizaro," "Sexy Monkey," "Funky Monkey" and "Flawless Gold." The packages contained a total of 11,750 grams of the drug.

Additionally, the affidavit says investigators found a bag containing 3,804 grams of unpackaged spice.

"The amount and the packaging are consistent with possession with intent to distribute and the large amount of loose synthetic cannabinoids inside the plastic bag had yet to be packaged," police wrote in the affidavit.

The affidavit goes on to quote another investigator who suspects Boparai began selling spice at least as early as November 2013. It says Boparai has "displayed a pattern" of selling spice and that the business would be big enough to "provide a substantial amount of income."

Boparai, who had been released, was re-arrested on March 21 and appeared in court Monday. The court required that $125,000 be added to his bond for a new total of $175,000. He also had to surrender his passport and is required to wear a GPS monitor.

Boparai is next scheduled to be in court Thursday.

28-year-old Seble Gebreegziadhair, who was also arrested for selling synthetic marijuana, is scheduled to be in court on Wednesday.

Spice was believed to have sickened 221 people in Colorado during a month-long outbreak between August and September.

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