Fatal crash in Aurora closes Mississippi Ave. from 225 to Abilene

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora police have reported a fatal crash on Mississippi Ave. and Abilene. East bound lanes of Mississippi Ave. have been closed from 225 to Abilene.

The dark-colored car that caused the crash was reportedly speeding and driving erratically.

Police received several calls reporting reckless driving in the area at the time. Some reported a car driving at speeds topping 100 miles per hour on north bound 225.

An officer on the scene tells 7NEWS that the dark-colored car exited off of 225 onto east bound Mississippi, failed to make a turn onto Abilene, struck another vehicle and flipped over.

A witness said that the dark-colored car slid though the intersection of Mississippi and the off ramp of I-225 on its roof and collided with a silver vehicle before crossing over the median again and coming to a halt. By the time 7NEWS arrived at the scene, the car had been flipped over again.

A second witness, who said he saw the crash in his rear-view mirror, reported that bystanders worked to flip the dark-colored car back onto its tires.

“The two in the silver car were shaken up, but were alert and was told to stay still until the emergency crews showed up to cut away the roof and help them out of the car,” that witness told 7NEWS.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash was dead by the time emergency crews arrived.

The two people in the silver car were transported to a hospital. The severity of their injuries is not known.

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