Denver cop, wife charged after brawl with another officer, wife

AURORA, Colo. - A Denver Police officer and his wife are facing charges after a brawl during a dinner party at the home of another DPD officer.

Officer Jeremy Cole Ownbey, 42, and his wife, Jamie Raelene Ownbey, 32, were charged with misdemeanors related to the incident on May 19 in Aurora at the home of Officer Steven Sloan and his wife Stephanie.

Jeremy Ownbey is charged with trespassing and two counts of child abuse. Jamie Ownbey is charged with assault and two counts of child abuse.

According to a police report obtained by 7NEWS, both couples admit to drinking alcohol. The Sloans say Jamie had a lot to drink and was acting "obnoxious and rude." When the Sloans asked the Ownbeys to leave, documents say Jamie punched Stephanie in the face, causing Steven to attack Jamie, and then Jeremy to attack Steven. Steven admitted that he retrieved a gun for protection, but said he didn't point it at anyone.

The story gets stranger, with Jamie admitting to police that she had been involved in "swinging" with both her husband and Steven in the past. She said Steven wanted Stephanie to join, but she refused.

The child abuse charges in this case stem from the fact that police said the Ownbeys left their two young kids home alone the night of the dinner party gone bad.

Both officers Ownbey and Sloan, have been reassigned to desk duty and are cooperating with the investigation, Denver Police Department Spokesman Lt. Matt Murray confirmed. Murray said the officers and the department will cooperate fully with Aurora's investigation.

Four Aurora officers are also under investigation for how they handled the case. The police report says they made contact with Jeremy after he left the Sloans home and then drove back. It indicates that they saw he had been drinking and driving, but did not give him a breathalyzer. Instead an Aurora officer drove him home.

Those Aurora officers remain on active duty, but an internal affairs investigation is underway  according to Aurora Police Department Spokesman Frank Fania.

The Ownbeys are due in court on July 22.

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