Aurora gun store owner Gordon Robbins charged with Internet luring of child; caught in police sting

Police: Robbins sexted with undercover cops

AURORA, Colo. - Investigators arrested an Aurora gun store owner accused of asking two undercover investigators for sex in just two days.

According to the arrest document, Gordon E. Robbins, Jr., 38, posted in the "Casual Encounters" section on Craigslist. His sexually explicit ad allegedly included the quotation, "Looking for a young girl. One able to pass as my little girl."

The investigator who responded to the ad on April 16 identified herself as being "almost fourteen."

Robbins allegedly corresponded unknowingly with the undercover investigator through email and text messages. The affidavit says he talked about sexually explicit conduct and asked several times if she could sneak out to meet with him for sex.

Robbins also allegedly requested explicit photographs.

A meeting between the Robbins and the teenage persona was scheduled for April 22.

Before that meeting, the document says, another investigator who was also portraying a teenage girl responded to the same ad. Robbins allegedly exchanged similar messages with that investigator.

On Tuesday, the investigators went to Robbins' gun store, Castle Arms, located at 16868 E. Iliff Ave. in Aurora. The affidavit says they asked if his phone was in his pocket, then called the number they had corresponded with.

It rang in his pocket and Robbins was subsequently arrested.

He is being held on a bond of $150,000 and is charged with two counts of both Internet sexual exploitation of a child and Internet luring of a child.

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