Aurora detective tased by fellow officer - 7NEWS Exclusive

AURORA, Colo. - 7NEWS has learned a veteran Aurora detective was tased by a fellow officer during a traffic stop Tuesday evening.

Aurora Police confirm the man who pulled over is a detective.  Sources tell 7NEWS his name is Thomas Williams.

The initial traffic stop happened at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. Aurora police describe it as a “possible traffic violation.”

Yet two separate sources tell 7NEWS there was concern the driver was drinking.

Only 30 seconds into the stop, radio transmissions reveal the lone officer on the scene calls for back-up. A recording of the transmissions was obtained from

"Give me another car. Need more cars Colfax and Havana," said the officer.

There are no verbal indications the officers on the scene knew they were dealing with a fellow officer. About three minutes after the stop first started, we hear the officer had been tased.

"Engine one.  PD requesting you for a party that was tased," said the dispatcher.

7NEWS asked Aurora Police several questions including: Was the officer on the clock at time?  Was he driving a city issued car?  Officials wouldn't answer, calling this an internal matter.

Aurora Police confirm the detective has been placed on administrative leave with pay. He has not been arrested or charged. However, Aurora police say that’s possible, depending on what’s discovered during the investigation.

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