Animal control still working to catch cats in messy condo in suspected hoarding situation

AURORA, Colo. - Peering through a missing door knob into a messy Aurora condo, at least one cat is still visible inside. An Animal Control team wore protective gear and masks to enter the apartment and rescue some of the cats earlier Friday.

"We all was having fits because it smelled like somebody had got embalmed or one minute it smelled like straight up piss," said Doris, a neighbor from the building next door.

Doris says she spoke to the man whose home is now unsafe to occupy.

"He told me, he said, 'I thought I had it under control, but it got out of control,'" she recalled.

7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger called Animal Control to alert them to the cat that remained inside the apartment. He was told the officers do not know how many more cats remain, but officers left food and water and set traps to catch them.

"He said he was sorry, and so I told him, I said, 'Don't be sorry,' I said, 'Thank God you have help now,'" Doris said.

Neighbors said the HazMat crews took out bags of trash and after looking at Zelinger's video, Doris says much of the mess appeared to be cleaned up. Animal Control has not said how many cats they've rescued so far.

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