96 years in prison for Aurora man convicted in assault, kidnapping and car chase

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - An Aurora man has been sentenced to 96 years in prison for assaulting and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend at her workplace.

Juan Ramon Rivera, 38, was sentenced Friday for the attack that occurred at a disabled adult center in Aurora in April, 2012.

Rivera entered the facility, grabbed the victim by the hair and attacked her with a pair of sharp scissors, prosecutors said.

Rivera pulled the victim from room to room in the facility, then demanded the keys to her truck and drove away. 

The Aurora Police Department spotted Rivera a short time later and he led them on a chase for more than a mile in broad daylight.

Rivera rammed into a series of cars and the chase only ended when the truck broke down and Rivera was forced to surrender. 

A jury found Rivera guilty of 15 charges including nine felony counts. Those charges include second-degree kidnapping, robbery, assault, auto theft, eluding, felony menacing, violation of a protection order, and reckless driving.

"While no length of time could ever take back all the hurt the defendant caused the victims and community, 96 years will give him plenty of time to think about what he's done," said Deputy District Attorney Laura Anderson. 

Judge Kurt Horton of Arapahoe County noted that Rivera did not take responsibility for his crimes. When previously asked about how he could repair the harm he caused, Rivera said, "I don't want to."

"What makes Mr. Rivera so dangerous is his lack of care for anyone but himself," Judge Horton stated. "Since what the defendant did that day in April 2012 can't be undone, justice is having him spend the rest of his life in prison."

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