7NEWS tests cross-traffic visibility at new intersection and scene of fatal crash

Adult and infant were killed Sunday

AURORA, Colo. - After an infant and an adult were killed in a crash at the new Aurora interchange from Interstate 225 onto 17th Place, 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost went to check the lines of sight at that intersection.

An SUV was exiting there southbound at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday when it collided with a small truck that was eastbound on 17th. The impact carried both vehicles into a concrete barrier and light pole.  

It is possible that the line of sight for the small truck was blocked by the guardrail structure of the off ramp.

When Kost was there, she was unable to see vehicles coming from the off ramp until she was in the intersection.

A camera at eye level recorded the same obstructed view. The camera attached to the top of Kost's SUV, however, was able to see over the obstruction.

Aurora Police are investigating the crash, but have not determined who or what was at fault.

Monday, Aurora Public Works was in the area to repair a traffic camera that had been knocked from its base.

7NEWS asked Public Works if any work has been done to analyze cross-traffic visibility at the intersection. They responded that it was premature to speculate until police have completed the investigation into the crash.

A representative of Aurora Public Works did say the department would be willing to work with police and CDOT to make any adjustments, if they are deemed necessary for safety.

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