2-year-old child falls from second-story window in Aurora, fire officials say

AURORA, Colo. - A 2-year-old child fell from a second-story window in Aurora on Thursday afternoon, fire officials said.

Fire crews were called to 880 S. Chambers Rd. at 12:04 p.m. after the fall was reported, said Aurora Fire Captain Wendy Lippman.

The toddler was transported to a hospital and Lippman said the agency was not releasing details on the child's condition or the injuries it suffered. Officials did not provide the circumstances of how the child fell from the window.

The Fire Department released the following information on protecting young children in the home:

Half of all injuries to children, from newborns to age 14, occur in the home. Toddlers suffer the highest rates of in home-related injuries because they spend most of their time in the home. Their natural curiosity and lack of fear can often lead them into potentially dangerous situations.

Taking some simple prevention measures and closely supervising children can help protect them from common household hazards. Keep cribs, beds, chairs and toy boxes away from windows.

The warm weather brings open windows and patio doors. Closely monitoring children can prevent accidental injuries. Parents and other caregivers should tie up window blind cords and window curtain cords so toddlers don't get entangled in them.

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