2 foreign nationals living in Aurora, 2 canvassers charged with procuring false registration to vote

AURORA, Colo. - An Ethiopian national and a Polish national living in Aurora as well as two canvassers working for a political organization are charged with procuring false registration to vote on Nov. 5.

According to District Attorney George Brauchler's office, the case began with a list of 41 names identified by the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. Six investigators spent 300 hours looking into the case and were able to determine 21 were eligible voters.

Evidence against 10 others was "inconclusive," Brauchler's office said. The remaining eight suspicious voters could not be found.

The Ethiopian defendant is Tadesse Degefa, 72, of Aurora. Also an Aurora resident, the Polish defendant is identified by the DA as Vitaliy Grabchenko, 47.

In addition to the two voters that were charged, two canvassers were also charged with procuring false registration. Michael Michealis, 41, of Brighton, worked for the Work for Progress organization. Carl Blocker, 51, of Fairplay, worked for a Work for Progress subcontractor called Grass Roots Voter Outreach.

If convicted of procuring false registration, the defendants face up to 18 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

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