Rescued Bald Eagle could be released in time for Independence Day; Recovering from lead poisoning

ARVADA, Colo. - A Bald Eagle nursed back to health in Colorado could to be released in time for Independence Day.

According to Arvada Police, an Animal Management Officer found the female eagle in a field after a resident called to report it. She was able to fly, but only very low and briefly. Landing was also difficult for her.

The officer wrapped the Eagle in a large blanket and took her to Birds of Prey, a charity in Broomfield that rehabilitates injured or orphaned raptors.

"There, it was determined she was female and had suffered lead poisoning, most likely from a fish that had swallowed a lure or from an animal (prairie dog or squirrel) that had pellets from a gun," police wrote in a Facebook post.

But now, after a careful recovery, police have shared photos of the Eagle and the announcement that she will be released soon.

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