16-year old arrested in alleged theft of 19 guns from Mister Money pawn shop in Adams County

Affidavit: Guns sold on the street for under $50

DENVER - Authorities have arrested two people who they believe broke into a pawn shop and stole 19 guns.

Court documents state that one of the suspects is a 16-year old boy.

The teenager and his cohort allegedly entered the Mister Money pawn shop at 5300 Sheridan Boulevard through a vent in the ceiling July 4.

Once inside they allegedly tried to steal several assault rifles.  A confidential informant told police that the duo tried to exit with the assault rifles out the front door, but it was securely locked so they had to exit the way they entered, through the ceiling and they couldn't "get the heavy stuff out."

The affidavit says the teenager and an adult male identified as Jorge Orozco, 30, of Denver, allegedly stole two rifles and 17 handguns and apparently sold many of them on the street for about $50 each.

The Denver Police Department's SWAT unit arrested both suspects during a raid at a house on the 2600 block of W. Florida Avenue on July 19.

They recovered three weapons, a large quantity of methamphetamine and several items believed used in the pawn shop burglary.

Surveillance video apparently shows two suspects inside the pawn shop stacking assault rifles by the front door.

Orozco has been charged with several weapons and drug violations in Denver.  He's due back in court Sept. 5.

Police say he's been involved in a series of "roof-top" burglaries over the last few years.

Authorities aren't talking about the teenager.  His case is reportedly being handled by Adams County.

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