The Fit List: Ways to modify your workouts to get the most muscle for your body makeover

3 exercises that don't work

Breaking a sweat doesn't always mean you're breaking down fat. In fact, your workout could actually be causing damage.  But a couple simple tweaks can help you get the most muscle for your body makeover on the Fit List.

When we go to the gym, we sweat, we hurt and guess what, we may have been doing it all wrong the whole time. Personal Trainer Kevin Olsen who works at The Village says he sees it all the time.

"There's a right and wrong way to do pretty much anything," he said. "If you're working out the wrong way, moving the wrong way, certain muscles will get overworked that aren't supposed to work that way. And eventually they'll say I give up, and you're injured."

A little update to your reps... can put the "Wow, ooph, whoa."  in your workout.

Let's start from the bottom up to the bottom down.

1) Lunges:  When you're doing a lunge, think of it more pushing your heel into the floor, keeping your knee right above your ankle.  And push through your heel. You'll know you're doing it right when you feel that burn.

2) Arms: When it comes to doing pushups, forget about doing them on the floor,.Kevin says you can get up for the push up.

]"These are too hard on the floor. You can always modify by going to a table," he said. "Holding those abs in, holding the hips tight, and then just coming straight down as far as you can."

3) Abs:  We think of the crunch we learned in elementary school as the classic way to get six-pack abs, but Kevin recommends that you go with the upgrade. 

"You want to flip it over and do more of a plank exercise.  You shouldn't have any pain in the backside.  You can modify that by lifting the arm up,” he said.

By doing your exercises correctly, you can pump, lunge and crunch to the next level on the Fit List.

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