Family Remembers 6-Year-Old Girl Killed By Car

Saskia Cochrane Cared For Her Friends, Her Dogs

The family of a 6-year-old girl who was killed after being hit by a car is sharing their story of grief and forgiveness.

Saskia Cochrane was crossing 17th Avenue going toward City Park last Tuesday when she ran after her dog and was hit by a car.

"Saskia was our sunshine. She brightened everything. Everything was better because we got to share it with her," said Katelyn Sullivan, Saskia’s cousin.

"I'll miss the songs that we used to make up and sing together," said Sullivan.

Despite the tragedy, Sullivan said the family has no ill will towards the woman who hit her.

"It's not about the anger we need to have towards them. It’s about Saskia and just remembering her life and making it a positive thing,” said Sullivan.

Saskia’s life touched people she never met.

“We got cards from a boy scout troop and they had never met Saskia. They didn’t know us, they didn’t know her. They were just passersby of the accident and felt compelled to do this. To just have that outpouring of genuine love and support for our family has been absolutely amazing," said Sullivan.

The family feels what happened is truly an accident.

"This can happen to anybody," said Sullivan.

But they want all of us to slow down and to talk to our children about looking twice.

"It's not that we want them to be scared, we want them to be aware,” said Sullivan.

"As adults, we think that we teach kids about the world, but I think she taught me more about the world, than I could have possibly taught her and her short life," said Sullivan.

Saskia's father died last April and her mother is a writer and currently unemployed.

Checks can be made to Lincoln Elementary, with the words "Saskia Fund" noted in the comment line.

Checks can be sent to Lincoln Elementary 715 South Pearl St. Denver, CO 80209 (303) 744-1785

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