Facing partial amputation of her buttocks, woman warns others about botched silicone butt injections

DETROIT - A Detroit woman faces a painful partial amputation of her buttocks and she blames a black market procedure that she claims is all the rage.

Keke (last name withheld) got silicone injections in her buttocks and it all quickly went wrong. She also was diagnosed for septic shock and tests revealed that the silicone was industrial grade similar to what is sold at Home Depot, WXYZ reported.

Keke paid about $1,000 for the procedure and says the doctor seemed very reassuring about the safety.

"Having a larger backside," she says, "is such a phenomenon here (in Detroit). It was easy to get it done without fear."

Warning others is her priority now. She tells WXYZ she had the same procedure done two years ago without complication, but that doctor is in jail for practicing without a license.

Now, Keke says she wants others to know, "It's not real."

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