Emergency alerts on your smart phone

Have you received an AMBER Alert or a storm alert on your cell phone that you didn't sign up for?

As of April 2012, wireless carriers are able to notify customers of certain emergencies in their area.

There are three categories:

- President Alerts: That’s when something really bad happens. The US has never broadcast a President Level Alert.

- Imminent Threat Alerts: Typically these are alerts for hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados. The alert gives you a chance to prepare and take shelter.

- Amber Alerts: These are designed to help law enforcement catch an abducted child.

You can opt out of the threat alerts and the amber alerts, but you’re not allowed to opt out of the President Alert. The directions for opting out vary by device and provider, according to CTIA, the association for wireless providers. Please contact your wireless service provider for instructions.

Learn more about about the alerts: http://www.ctia.org/consumer_info/safety/index.cfm/AID/12081

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