Elderly Woman's Shoes Grow Into Her Feet; Son Arrested

Son Arrested For Neglect

A Florida man faces charges after paramedics found his emaciated 90-year-old mother in urine-soaked clothes with shoes that had "grown into her feet," South Florida media reported Monday.

The victim, identified as Anna Chuboff, of Port St. Lucie, was rushed to a local hospital on Saturday after falling in the residence she shared with her son, Robert M. Rozenti, 68.

Police noted the slippers that Chuboff had been wearing had not been removed for a long period of time and part of the slippers were embedded in her skin. The police report also stated her toenails had taken the shape of her shoes, which were soiled with fecal matter.

A police affidavit stated that Rozenti didn't have a good relationship with his mother and he told investigators he was her "illegitimate son."

Rozenti was arrested for neglect of an elderly person.

His mother remained in the hospital Monday and will be released to social services when she is well enough to be moved.

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