Drivers went off the highway and got stuck during 'dirt blizzard' in Wyoming

TORRINGTON, Wy. - Some drivers in Wyoming drove off the highway and got stuck during a "dirt blizzard" on Sunday.

Gusty winds kicked up dirt, creating hazardous driving conditions and zero visibility for motorists traveling on U.S. 85 south of Torrington Sunday afternoon, according to the Wyoming State Patrol.

Troopers said they found about 20 stranded motorists who had come to a complete stop in the roadway or on the shoulders of U.S. 85 because they could not see. 

Several motorists, thinking they were still on the roadway, drove off the roadway and became stuck, troopers said.

The nearest Wyoming Dept. of Transportation wind monitoring station recorded wind gusts as high as 57 mph, however, Troopers working in the road closure area believe wind gusts in their area were higher. 

Several patrol vehicles have minor damage due to sandblasting of decals and paint. 

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