Dog requires surgery after eating homework

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - It may be the oldest story in the book, but an Englewood dog needed surgery after he ate his owner's homework.

Reggie, 2, got way too familiar with his 13-year-old owner’s school science project -- a mock volcano. Payton Moody said the project was made out of candy and pins.

The yellow Labrador managed to knock the project off a desk and eat "every last bite" while the family was away at their son's football game, Payton's mother, Kara Moody, said.

The family took Reggie to an emergency animal hospital as soon as they realized what happened.

Reggie had to undergo emergency surgery after 50 pins showed up on his X-ray. Reggie also consumed a dangerous amount of chocolate, which is toxic for dogs.

The operating surgeon, Dr. Brian Van Vechten with the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital told ABC News that Reggie was "wolfing down chocolate, and the pins came along secondarily."

The majority of the pins were removed with an endoscope down his throat, but five pins had to be removed surgically.

Reggie has since made a full recovery and Payton redid her science project – using glue the second time -- and got an A.

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