Documents detail dirty text messages, photos allegedly sent by Tony McLeod to a California teen

Fla. man accused of luring teenage boy

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - In a court document, investigators say 36-year-old Tony McLeod met a California teen by playing an online Playstation game and convinced him to run off to Florida.

The three-page document also highlights text messages and sexually-explicit  photographs and videos sent by McLeod to the 14-year-old boy.

Investigators said the exchange between McLeod and the victim began in May.

The suspect told the victim that he "loves" him, and wrote "I don't like you being there" and that he wanted to get the boy "out of there soon."

Along with a naked photo of himself in a bathroom, McLeod sent the following text:

"The California state statute basically says that a person 14 years of age or older is competent enough to make decisions of where they're going to live."

He also sent a link detailing how to be emancipated from parents.

An FBI agent tracked the phone number to McLeod and arrested him after he met the boy at school, drove him to LAX and flew him to Tampa, Fla., where officers were waiting for the pair.

McLeod faces several felony charges, including a federal charge of enticement of a minor.

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